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2 course Sunday Roast Lunch menu:

Includes free dessert


Roast topside of beef with Yorkshire pudding          gfo            £18.00         GLU

Roast turkey with stuffing, chipolata sausage          gfo             £18.00        GLU

Roast leg of pork with crackling and apple sauce      gfo          £18.00        GLU

Chestnut and pumpkin seed roast with cranberry jus  (ve gfo)£16.00        NUT

Served with roast potatoes and selection of fresh vegetables and gravy

Kids roasts - main course only                                gfo              £9.00         GLU

Apple sauce                                                                                                   SUL

Horseradish sauce                                                                                          EGG, MUS, MIL

Cranberry sauce                                                                                                                                                     -




Sunday Lunch Snack menu

Thick cut granary seeded sandwiches (served with chips) Available lunchtimes only


Brie, Bacon and cranberry with chunky chips                £8.50                 GLU, MUS, SUL, MIL

Cheddar cheese with caramelised onion (V)                 £7.00                 GLU, MUS, CEL, MIL

Rump steak with horseradish                                     £9.00                  GLU, MUS, EGG,MIL

Homebaked ham                                                       £7.50                GLU, MUS MIL, SUL
Beer battered cod and chips  Gfo                                £14.95               GLU, FIS, MUS, EGG

Smaller size beer battered cod                                   £12.00               GLU, FIS,MUS, EGG

Sweet potato pakora salad with new potatoes (ve)        £12.50               MUS, MIL

Chicken Madras curry on basmati rice, naan                  £12.95               MUS, MIL, GLU




Desserts:             £6.25

Free with adult roast main                                              Allergens:


Strawberry cheesecake ice cream sundae                         GLU, MIL

Amaretti chocolate crunch ice cream sundae                     GLU, MIL EGG

Butterscotch sundae ice cream   Gfo                                MIL, GLU, SOY,EGG

Ginger sponge pudding served with ice cream or custard      MIL, GLU, EGG

Rhubarb and Apple crumble served with custard                  GLU, MIL

Bread and butter pudding with ice cream or custard             MIL, EGG, GLU,

Elderflower and lemon cheesecake with ice cream                      MIL GLU, EGG

Chocolate profiteroles with ice cream (gf)                          MIL, EGG


Children's raspberry ice cream sundae           £4.00             MIL, GLU, SOY, EGG




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