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All our dishes are subject to availability and are subject to change without notice. This website only gives a guide to our menu. For upto date information and prices we recommend that you ring us to confirm availability and pricing. We cannot guarantee that our dishes have not been in contact with nuts or derivatives of nuts during their preparation.
Allergen information
In line with current legislation we have prepared a comprehensive list of allergens contained in all of our products. The list is kept for use by customers as a reference point behind the bar. Please ask any member of staff to access it. Allergens are also displayed on the menu. See below:

Sample Menu

Allergen Abbreviations:             gfo Gluten Free Option

CEL Celery, GLU Gluten, CRU Crustaceans, EGG Eggs, FIS Fish, LUP Lupin, MIL Milk, MOL Molluscs, MUS Mustard, NUT Tree Nuts, PN Peanuts, SS Sesame seeds, SOY Soya, SUL Sulphur dioxide (sulphites).

Starters:                                                                                                                                  Allergens

Warm battered brie with cranberry and leaves    (gfo)               (v)       £6.75             MIL, MUS, GLU

Creamy Garlic mushrooms on toast                         (gfo)               (v)       £6.50             GLU, MIL

Crispy Peking duck spring rolls with chilli sauce                                        £6.75             GLU, NUT, SS, MUS

Blazing prawns in a spicy crumb with  dipping sauce                              £7.00             CRU, GLU, MIL

Brussels pate with toast and butter                                                             £5.95             GLU, MIL

   Main course:  

Beer battered cod and chips with tartare sauce  (gfo)                           £16.50          GLU, FIS, MUS, EGG

              Smaller portion cod and chips                (gfo)                           £14.75          GLU, FIS, MUS, EGG

Golden fried breaded scampi with chips and peas                            £14.075   MUS, CEL, GLU, CRU, FIS

Poached cod with parma ham with Lyonnaise potatoes                        £16.00       FIS, MIL, SUL           

Chicken Balmoral with stilton sauce Lyonnaise

potatoes and vegetables                                                                         £16.50          GLU, MIL            

Madras Chicken curry with rice, naan bread and mango chutney      £14.50          GLU

6oz Cheeseburger and bacon...served in a brioche bun

      With salad and burger sauce. Served with chunky chips      £14.50           GLU, EGG, MIL, CEL MUS

Pan fried lambs liver with bacon, mash, and gravy, peas                      £15.50          MIL, GLU, SUL

Grilled rump steak...plain or Cajun spiced with onion rings (gfo)        £18.00              GLU,

Grilled gammon steak with fried eggs and chunky chips                       £14.95          SUL, EGG

Beef or Vegetable lasagne served with salad and chips             (v)    £13.95     GLU, MUS, MIL, EGG, CEL

Sweet potato korma curry with rice and naan                             (v)       £13.50          GLU, MIL, NUT

Mushroom stroganoff with basmati rice                                        (ve)     £14.50



Sandwiches (lunchtimes only):  

With doorstep granary bread

Home cooked ham and gherkin with mustard mayonnaise

   and chunky chips                                                                           £8.00   GLU, MIL, MUS, SUL

Cheddar cheese with caramelised onion served

    with chunky chips                                                                   (v)   £7.00  GLU, MUS, CEL, MIL

Smoked salmon and cream cheese with chunky chips                       £9.00             GLU, MIL, FIS

Brie, bacon, and cranberry with chunky chips                            (vo)  £8.50         GLU, MIL, SUL, MUS

Brie and sauté mushrooms with chunky chips                           (v)       £8.25             GLU, MIL








Kids menu:                                                                                                                               Allergens

Chicken nuggets lightly crumb coated served

with chunky chips or salad                                                                  £7.00                 GLU, CEL, MUS

Cheeseburger served with chunky chips                                                    £9.00             GLU, EGG, MIL, 

Beef lasagne or vegetable lasagne served with chunky chips               £7.95             GLU, MUS, MIL, EGG, CEL

Fish goujons with chunky chips                                                                    £6.50             GLU, FIS



Farmer Toms Ice cream, Somerset


Butterscotch ice cream sundae                                                            £6.75             MIL, GLU

Chocolate brownie  ice cream sundae                                                   £6.75         MIL, GLU, NUT, EGG

Lucky dip ice cream per scoop                                                             £3.00            MIL, GLU

Sticky toffee sponge pudding with butterscotch sauce,

ice cream or custard                                                                          £6.75             EGG, MIL, GLU

Biscoff cheesecake with ice cream                                                       £6.75             EGG, GLU, MIL

Bread and butter pudding with ice-cream or custard                             £6.75              MIL, GLU, EGG

Mixed fruits crumble with custard or ice cream                                     £6.75              GLU, MIL


Children's ice cream fruit sundae                                                        £4.00           MIL,GLU, SOY, EGG


Morning coffee and bites served from 10.00am to 12.00pm:


All butter flapjack                                                                           MIL

Mincemeat Congress tart                                                                MIL, EGG GLU

Tiffinbar                                                                                        MIL SOY

Raspberry and white chocolate muffin                                              MIL GLU

Chocolate muffin                                                                            GLU, MIL

Toasted tea cake                                                                            GLU, MIL      

Fruit scone and butter/jam                                                             GLU, MIL



Please speak to our staff about the ingredients in your meal, when ..